The Security Skills Certification Scheme (SSCS)  is a non-governmental, international and independent body.


We act within the Private Security Industry through a registered scheme to verify that individuals meet the mandatory requirements for working in this Industry. 


We are a certification body that on the one hand provides professional badges to individuals who meet the mandatory requirements to work in this sector and on the other hand designs, develops and manages evaluation schemes that lead to regulated qualifications. As Awarding Body, the SSCS is based on the British learning specifications of the SIA (Security Industry Authority).



SSCS card-badges serve the vital function of ensuring and proof that people who hold them have been adequately trained, certified and licensed for work in the International Security Industry. SSCS Cards are proof of competence and proficiency.


Despite it is not a legislative requirement that security workers hold SSCS card while on duty, an increasing number of employers and contractors require security operatives to own an SSCS card-badge.  


SSCS cards are physical evidence of skills and qualifications. The International Scheme includes a constantly updating database of people who have either attained the required qualification.

SSCS Badge-cards are a:


- Certification of the cardholder's licences

- Certification of the cardholder's qualifications

- Certification of the cardholder's identity

- Certification of the cardholder's training


- This card-badge makes your licence Internationally Recognised;


- enhances the image and professionalism of the holder;


- simplifies the employer’s recruitment process by acting as physical proof of the holder’s qualifications;


- allows the entry of up to 6 professional qualifications;


- internationalizes the holder’s professional qualifications, SSCS Badge-cards and their qualifications are recognized globally.


SSCS is the bridge that connects people from all over the world under a common professional recognition scheme.


Security Operative Qualifications CARD

Security Trainer Qualifications CARD

Security Training Qualifications CARD