Apply for an SSCS


Security workers who are in the process of application for either new SSCS cards or who are in the process of renewing previously owned cards may make use of the SSCS Application form and mail it to


Check the list of all required documents for completion of the form, as well as documents providing proof of qualifications attained.


Forms must be filled to completion before submission, failure to do this will result in forfeiture of all fees paid and a consequent rejection of application.



You will be required to provide:


- a copy of the original qualifications in English.


- a digital copy of your passport or ID (.pdf)


- a completely filled SSCS application form, with emphasis on the preferred position required.


- a copy of a passport photo in digital format (.jpg - .png.)



After the completely filled form is submitted, the application will be reviewed by the SSCS to see if it meets standards.



Types of card.


Security Operative 

- Security Trainer 

- Security Training Qualifications 



The application process is easy:


1) Electronically send a PDF version of your CV, along with any relevant qualifications, certificates, and licences to the SSCS Card scheme.


2) The SSCS team get back to you as quickly as possible, informing you of which SSCS-recognized qualifications you can apply for.


3) You decide which qualifications you want to be displayed on the badge by filling in the Application Form


4) There is a fee which is payable via bank transfer or debit/credit card.


5) Send your completed Application Form, a copy of the payment receipt, a copy of your passport, and a copy of your criminal records certificate to


Important Note:


In some countries, there is no professional role of Close Protection Operative / Executive Protection Officer / Bodyguard, as it is not regulated by the Government. In this case, it is still possible to get the SSCS card-badge if you aim to work in this sector Worldwide.


Taking part and passing a professional course, obtaining a certification issued by the training institution accredited by the SSCS will be enough. 


People living in the United States of America, Slovakia, Albania, Italy etc., need to get a Close Protection Operative Certification issued by SSCS or a training center accredited by the SIA (British Security Industry Authority), or an equivalent issued by a training center accredited by another Government. 


Shipping is not included in the offer price

SSCS - Security skills certification scheme

SSCS cards serve the vital function of ensuring and proof that people who hold them have been adequately trained, certified and licensed for work in the International Security Industry.