The SSCS Brand


It is important to bear in mind that the following suggestions are meant only to provide a guideline and not as an exhaustive list. It is also of vital importance to ensure that there is no hint of endorsement by the SSCS when creating websites or promotional material.


The SSCS Logo


This is a brand of certification owned by SSCS, and it is not to be in any way copied, reproduced or imitated without clear and express permission by the SSCS.

The use of this logo serves to provide an endorsement of whatever it is appended to, as well as demonstrate approval and trust. In very few instances, we will allow our logo to be used by third parties in order to link to our website. In these cases, however, our express permission is required along with the inclusion of the specific phrase “click here to enter the SCSS site” displayed prominently on the logo. It is also important that the logo be located in an area tagged “useful links” and the nature of the link be very clearly stated.


The ACS Accreditation Mark


The use of this image is limited to contractors who have achieved the approved contractor status under the Scheme. Any contractor using this image without first fulfilling the stated requirements is liable for prosecution.


Companies who have applied for accreditation may use the ACS accreditation mark if they make it clear that they have only applied.


SSCS Card Images


The cards themselves and any images of them belong to us, and although we may grant approval for them to be used for promotional purposes and marketing, we reserve the right to withdraw permission for their use at any given time.


We do not allow third party users to make use of our cards or images of them for any purpose.

If you would like to make reference to SSCS and/or its Cards, you could send the article referenced to 

SSCS - Security skills certification scheme

SSCS cards serve the vital function of ensuring and proof that people who hold them have been adequately trained, certified and licensed for work in the International Security Industry.