Security Training Qualifications Cards

Security Training Qualifications

Security Guard


Close Protection Operative / Executive Protection Agent


Close Protection Operative – Specialist / Executive Protection Specialist


Intelligence & Counterintelligence Operator


Security Manager


HECPO (Close Protection Operations in Hostile Environments)


CQB (Close Quarter Battle)


CQC (Close Quarter Combat)


CCTV Surveillance Operations (Public Space Surveillance)


Door Supervisor


CCTV Installer


Tactical Firearms Operator - Pistols/Carbines/Pistols&Carbines


Tactical Firearms Expert - Pistols & Carbines


Tactical Firearms Proficiency - Pistols/Carbines/Pistols&Carbines


Critical Infrastructure Protection Operator/Specialist


K9 Handler

Narcotics Detection Dog Handler

Explosive Detection Dog Handler

Patrol Dog Handler


Maritime Security Operative


Private Investigator


Bounty Hunter


Fugitive Recovery Agent


Security Alarm Installer


Vehicle Immobiliser


CBRN Defence (Chemical Biological Radiological Nuclear Defence)


Drone (UAV/UAS) Flight Pilot


Anty UAV Systems


SSCS - Security skills certification scheme

SSCS cards serve the vital function of ensuring and proof that people who hold them have been adequately trained, certified and licensed for work in the International Security Industry.